about the webmaster
sup! im marcy. ive been coding for 3+ years now, and i began on a (now dead) myspace clone called myspace93. since then, ive expanded my pre-existing css skills to html, and now i created this very site where you're reading this from. i have other hobbies, such as drawing and scrolling on social media. im most active on my twitter...or 'X' now..whatever. anyways, if you want to contact me directly, i'd be most likely to respond on there.
things i listen to ptv, mcr, the cure, weezer, tame impala, mitski, tally hall, blink 182, the smiths, nirvana, korn, tv girl, tears for fears, duran duran, oingo boingo, abba, marina and the diamonds, green day, cults, depeche mode, the aubreys, alvvays, beach bunny, kate bush, enstars units (primarily double face, ra*bits)
some other interests persona, identity v, resident evil, silent hill, jojo's bizarre adventure, honkai star rail, ensemble stars, 2000s aesthetics, parappa the rapper, vrchat, cookie run, splatoon/coroika manga, adventure time, fionna and cake, nichijou, chainsaw man, bungou stray dogs, 90s grunge music, true crime

marcy's favorites

animanga: chainsaw man, saiki k, jjba
show(s): shameless, community, mtv downtown
persona game: persona 3
persona character(s): ryoji mochizuki, ryuji sakamoto, yosuke hanamura
enstars unit: ra*bits
song ever: idk but i really like 'lets go to bed' by the cure
vocaloid: gakupo, fukase, teto (she counts right)
artists: kate bush, weezer, blink 182, the cure
books: the goldfinch, the outsiders, scott pilgrim

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